Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween....?

Today: Slept in till 11am, perused the internet, went grocery shopping and dropped the in-laws off at the next village so they could explore and then walk back (their plan, I didn't abandon them!), painted my nails, read one of my million preggo books, made dinner (chicken, zucchini with potatoes and tomatoes sauteed in some oil, turned out pretty nicely if I may say so myself), and am now feeling sleepy and may go read some more while waiting for Zach to come home from French class.

How weird that today is Halloween. I saw pictures today from a Halloween party our friends in California had, it made me miss them. =( I guess we didn't really ever do that much on Halloween night itself, when it fell on a weekday anyway, but there's still something odd about knowing that there will be no little trick-or-treaters coming by in adorable costumes. I should see who of our American friends will be around for Thanksgiving, and try to plan something for that. Otherwise that will be really weird feeling, too, I'm sure. At least I know Christmas will not be that different. Stores have already started setting up their Christmas sections and selling chocolate Santas.

1 comment:

  1. Do they have any holidays there that they costume up for? Costume balls or anything?

    Happy Halloween!



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