Monday, September 01, 2014


So we've been here in this new house for about two months now. Things are good... we like this house, which feels so much more spacious than our last. I almost feel worried about being "spoiled" by having more space to stretch out, in case we have to downsize again one day. We got most of the house set up pretty early on, though we still have random piles of things here and there that need to be sorted, photos I need to hang on the walls (or order to put in frames), a few pieces of furniture that I'd like to find for this spot or that one. But for the most part it kinda feels like home.

The boys like it, too, or at least parts of it. We flipped D's bed so now it's lofted, with Quinn's bed underneath, which is great fun for them. And they love the larger playroom, where their legos can scatter even farther across the floor (and the fluffy carpet that hides the small pieces so well...). But they definitely also miss New Hampshire and our life there. Quinn is more subtle about it... the past couple weeks he's been telling me how he misses the porch on our old house, which admittedly was much longer than our current one and pretty darn nice. He also says he misses our old, much smaller kitchen, which I can't quite make sense of. 

Donovan, however, tells me straight-up that he wishes we could move back to New Hampshire, with Ethan still down the street. Sometimes it's just a passing comment during play or while he's doing something else. Other times he gets really upset, tears welling up in his eyes, telling me it's not fair and it's too hard not being able to play with his best friend. It breaks my heart. They facetime sometimes, but I wonder if that almost makes it harder, if it just makes him miss playing with his buddy even more.

We've started making friends with some of the neighbors and their kids. We've also been slowly reconnecting with old friends around the bay area. Quinn is pretty social and seems to connect with other kids more easily and quickly. D has been more awkward and kinda antisocial around other kids. Lately he has been having an easier time warming up to others, although he still mostly just wants to stay home by himself or with Quinn, playing legos...which can be frustrating for the rest of us who like getting out of the house every once in a while. But I'm trying to remind myself that he's still adjusting to some major changes and emotional turmoil and may just need more time. I'm hoping that between neighbors and playgroups he can find a few new friends to click with soon. Quinn starts school in a couple days, which hopefully will give him that social outlet he needs and a few new buddies to play with.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I tried out "freelensing" today for the first time. I first heard of it years ago, from a guy I used to follow on flickr who used the technique to take these incredibly gorgeous dreamy photos. But I was always too freaked out by the thought of dust or whatever possibly getting inside the camera that I was too scared to try it. Today I saw someone mention freelensing again and finally screwed up the courage to give it a go... and oh my. It's tricky and will take practice to get decent at it, but I'm kinda loving the effect, including the unexpected color cast and fading caused by light leaks from moving the lens around. 

FYI the first and last photo are SOOC. With the others I did a little light editing (like the b&w conversion), most of the "look" of these is the freelensing effect. I used my sigma 50mm lens. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014



Things feel kinda heavy right now. I've been glued to twitter trying to keep up with the events in Ferguson, MO, which are disturbing enough on their own but even more so knowing that this is but a public example of a widespread problem of racism and abuse of power among law enforcement. On top of that, in the past few days we've heard of two acquaintances who have been in serious accidents (unrelated to each other), one of whom passed away yesterday and the other is in the ICU. Wednesday marks what would have been my brother's 40th birthday, his first birthday for us to (celebrate? honor? observe?) without him. And, the boys are being incredibly moody and getting super upset over every.little.thing.

In other words, it feels like there's bad news and crap coming in from everywhere right now, and I'm doing what I can to focus on the good and ride out this little storm till it passes. To that aim, here are some cute pictures of my little masked crusader from sometime last month.


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