Saturday, December 21, 2013

So. Congress

The other day Jenny and I went shopping on South Congress. Zach likes to remind me of how this newly hip & trendy street in Austin was a bit more, uh, "run down" back when he grew up there. But now it's a must-visit when we're in town...partially because of the eye candy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Home for the holidays

So we're in Texas for a couple weeks to spend Christmas with my family. After much stressing, our flight from NH went relatively smoothly. I think we may be turning that corner where both boys are getting to be more easygoing travelers (a statement that will likely get me in trouble on our flight back, but I've got a bit of time before I have to worry about that).

When we left NH on Tuesday morning it was -15*F outside. In case you're wondering, that is indeed cold enough that you feel your nose hairs freezing when you step outside. We landed in Austin to sunshine and 70*F. I cannot tell you how much I am loving this weather (those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, etc, are all too aware of that). I may sound like a broken record, but I'm wearing flip flops and short sleeves and egads it is amazing. 

The boys are educating their relatives on all things Hero Factory and playing with Zach's old Legos that were resurrected this morning. I get to sit and watch my kids play with their doting grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousin (more family to come into town soon). This morning I went for a run with my sister Jenny, and this afternoon Zach and I sat on the porch at Mozart's and soaked up the glorious sunshine. Tonight we are all putting up the lights and other Christmas decorations. I am once again struck at what an amazing family I am a part of, and how lucky I am for it. My heart is so very full and happy. 


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