Friday, May 27, 2016

posting on medium + amsterdam prep

1) I'm experimenting with writing over on Medium. I've posted a few things, a mix of new writings and reworking of some older posts. It's a new space with a different potential audience, and I'm finding some good things to read there as well.

2) Our departure for the Netherlands is coming up quickly--less than 3 weeks now. I'm making out lists of what to pack and how, and what I need to set up for S to take care of our house and animals while we're gone, etc etc etc. I'm also spending way too much time and energy overthinking silly trivial things like how best to record our time there (do I blog about it? if so, where? here, or start something more dedicated and self-contained?). But something I know well about myself is that my memory sucks, and I tend to make more of a point of recording things if I plan to share them. So I will probably write here about our experiences abroad as a way to be able to easily find and remember them later on when I've forgotten just what it was we did over those 6 months.


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