Tuesday, November 17, 2015

random thoughts 11.17.15

I recently was looking through our pictures from the year to find good ones for our christmas card and I was struck with two things:

1) I have tons of pictures of the boys, but almost none of them are the usual look-at-the-camera-and-smile kind. This always only bothers me at this time of year, when I want a good cute photo to put on a card to send out to people.

2) How few pictures I've taken of my boys using my big camera. The iphone rules all, I guess.

I'm feeling rather blah creatively-speaking, which is weird because it felt like just a few weeks ago I felt so energized and had all these great ideas. I keep going through these boom-and-bust cycles, feeling all inspired for a short while then do nothing for long stretches inbetween.

(...same with blogging...)

I'm also about 5 months behind on sorting photos on my computer. I usually kept a pretty steady 2-month lag, then recently I resolved to spend a few minutes every morning working on photography stuff and to stay more caught up and that lasted like 2-3 weeks before it all went to pot and now I'm worse than ever. To be fair, Quinn has also been stucktomelikeglue lately. like, even more so than normal. That makes it a bit tough to get other stuff done (that's my excuse).

In other news, I'm realizing that while I'm usually pretty immune to "fomo" (the fear of missing out) when it comes to myself, I get it kinda bad when it comes to my kids. Homeschooling means I'm fully responsible for what my kids do and learn, and I keep having to fight off feeling totally inadequate because they're not doing this or that or we didn't make it to this awesome event and there's 500 different awesome things going on every week. It tends to come in waves. I try to keep reminding myself of the cool things we do do, and focus on that.


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