Friday, January 01, 2016

january project

I'm doing a daily photo project for the month of January. No central theme, just using my big camera to take a photo each day and post it online. I'm trying to make this as easy and simple as possible, to increase my chances of actually doing it. Depending on how it goes I may keep going past January, or do it off and on throughout the year, or just leave at one month and have fun with that. We'll see.  I just wanna get back into taking photos for the sake of taking photos.

I'm posting the pictures on a separate blog, both to have it in its own separate space because I like that idea, and also because I'm kinda playing around with other blog platform options. I've been using blogger for over a decade now and it's served me well but the past few years I feel like I'm constantly fighting the constraints of the templates available. So I keep toying with moving over to someplace more flexible. *shrug* Who knows. I change my mind every few months what I want to do with this blog. But that's getting beside the point. Anyway, follow along if you like, I also plan on posting the photos in their own album on facebook.


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