About Me

Hi, I'm Marcy, and this is my blog.

Obligatory sickeningly-sweet family photo

 I started this blog back in 2004, as an online replacement for the paper journals I stopped keeping. Then we moved abroad and it became an "expat blog", then we had a kid and moved back to the US and it became a "mommy blog." Now my kids are getting a little older, and I'm not quite sure what this blog is, other than still here and not quite ready to quit yet. We've moved around a bunch, living in Texas, Switzerland, and New Hampshire, and are now back in California's SF bay area, hopefully for a while.

My kids are Donovan (feb 2008) and Quinn (dec 2010).  I've been a SAHM since they were born. I have a Montessori background and the boys have/are going to Montessori preschool, but now that D is in "first grade" we've opted to start unschooling so that's our newest adventure. 


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