Saturday, December 14, 2013

winding down

Little Mr Independent. Also: Mr I Don't Need No Stinkin' Jacket. 
Jackets are for chumps.
11. Green (mug...and blue iron man) #fmsphotoaday 
Colder weather = lots more tea being consumed. There's also been lots more of Iron Man in our home, though that seems unrelated to the weather.
Nev cat is not terribly pleased with winter.

Second year Tuckies get a randomly long break between fall and winter terms, so Zach's been off school since Thanksgiving. We've been putting that break to good use- Zach played in a basketball tournament with fellow classmates, last weekend Jeremy and I took Dono & Ethan to the Lego Kidsfest in CT, and this week Zach and D went on a trip to DC and to visit a friend in Baltimore. Somewhere in there Quinn had his third birthday. It's been getting colder lately, with some days temps not making it above the teens. We've had a few more light dustings of snow, just an inch here or there.

Now we're getting ready to head to Texas for a couple weeks to spend Christmas with our families. I feel behind on a bunch of stuff-- we once again never got our outdoor lights up, I'm far from done with my xmas shopping, and I'm still going back and forth on whether to try to get cards printed out last minute. I'm trying not to let that stuff stress me out, though, instead enjoying everything I love so much about the holiday season and looking forward to a couple weeks of just hanging out with our parents, siblings, and nieces/nephew.  


  1. (third time to try to comment, for some reason I keep forgetting it won't accept it from my phone, just disappears…)
    Nice, Yes, hope you can just be present with the people and things you love, as you are and then you so aptly photograph and tweet. Presents are over-rated, presence is by far better -- even kids know that. the games and fun that happen when we take the time can be absolutely free, and are magic. (spoken by one who has not yet cleaned, set up lights, shopped, baked, but plans to do some modest amount of each --but they don't take priority over being with the people I need to be with now. There was a funeral today, a birthday tomorrow. I am reminded I want to spend time with Philip, we never know how much we'll have.



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