Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Year in Pictures: 2013 (part 1)

I remember seeing several blogs do this Year-in-Pictures-type post last year and loving the idea, but never got around to making my own. Then yesterday I saw another blog post theirs for this year, and I resolved to sit down and browse through flickr and choose a few of my faves from each month. This is a fairly random assortment with no real rhyme or reason, other than just choosing pictures that seem to capture the spirit of our year or that simply made me smile as I remembered them.


Jumping/falling Yay friends (note the stickers all over D's pants) Sleeping beauty "My super power is that I'm strong as a rock!"


Untitled Noticed the sun was out and managed a quick walk out before it set. Untitled Trying to distract from sibling fighting by making a masking tape road on the floor. Playing soccer on the ice. Zach & Q


All these amazing exhibits and one of his favorite things to do is run around in the classroom. Figures. Montessori kids, 2 generations. LOOK OUT! Untitled Untitled


Afterlight Oh these two... Running just as fast as he can... #latergram The real reason we kept that extra mattress... (from 2 days ago) My poor guys, not feeling well, snuggling on the couch watching a movie.


We're a sweaty mess and tomorrow will be painful, but man that was fun. The boys built themselves a (toy) car wash this afternoon. Fun times. Telling me about black widow spiders and how to take care of them so you can have them as pets & train them not to hurt people (I am unconvinced). pink. Jen + coffee


Our morning adventure. Two boys, one (giant) umbrella. Don't Panic. #airshow Obligatory sand-drawing-and-feet beach photo. (Aside- one goal for this weekend is to work on those awful tan lines on my feet) At Boston airport a couple hours ago, had to say goodbye to this guy for 10 weeks. ;( #mbalife #vscocam Reading with Grampa

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