Saturday, October 20, 2007

Someone got a new toy today...

someone got a new toy ; )

Zach got to pick up his scooter today. Yay! He says he feels more European now. =P

The wind was wickedly cold today... at least it was sunny, but you'd just look outside and hear the howling wind and just want to stay in, curled up in a blanket with some hot tea and not go anywhere. Unfortunately there were a couple casualties due to the high winds...

One of my potted flowers (the one that's actually been surviving pretty well, even through my negligent care) fell over and the pot broke (we have it it a reserve small plastic pot for now), and one of Michelle's plants also fell off the wall separating our yards and into one of our bushes. Zach says he'll keep it here so he can later make jokes to her about hoe I tried to steal her plants.

Last but not least, here's my latest belly shot, taken last night (~23.5weeks):

23wks, 5days

It's funny how even though I see it every day and stare at it quite often (it's ridiculous how much time I'll spend in front of a mirror looking at the latest developments in the shape of my belly button, and the bely in general), when I take pictures and look at them I'm still surprised by its size most of the time. Earlier today I felt this strange sensation near my belly button, and I think it was Loki reaching out and stretching either an arm or a leg-- just pushing out with it gently and then pulling back in.


  1. Wow, you look great, Mama! I didn't really "pop" until 26 weeks and I was so disappointed--I was so ready to be "publicly pregnant" before that!

    About the body thing--no worries. If you are thin to begin with, it usually comes right back. At 5 weeks post-partum, I only have 5 more pounds to go and that's with doing absolutely nothing. Most of my friends have had the same experience, particularly with breastfeeding to burn all those calories. You'll do great!

  2. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Is your belly-button popping out? Or are you not going to do that? What about when he kicks it, doesit pop out then?



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