Sunday, October 14, 2007

5 months down, 4 more to go

Zach and Jennie left early this morning for their day hiking up near Chamonix. Since becoming pregnant (and thus having much less energy than usual), it's become clear that, for those types of trips, it's best to have me stay home so that I don't feel bad for keeping people behind or not letting them do as strenuous a hike as they want. I've gone before and just sat reading a book, which can be nice especially when you have Mont Blanc as a backdrop, but there's not always good places to sit and read and, well, some days I'd rather just stay home.

And so I did. And I've spent the majority of the day sleeping. This at first seems somewhat ridiculous, but then I remembered that, well, I'm pregnant, and the past week or 2 I've been a lot more active and so this might be my body's way of saying "Hey there crazy lady, you're trying to grow a person here! Slow down!" It amazes me sometimes the amount of energy it really takes to be pregnant (until I think about what's really happening inside my body, and then I'm amazed that I'm ever awake at all).

I hit the 5-months-pregnant mark today. My total weight gain up to now is about 15lbs. People definitely notice the belly now and have been making more comments, asking when I'm due, and I even had a woman give me her place on the tram once earlier this week. My belly's also starting to get in the way when I'm trying to do stuff, which is kind of amusing. I wonder when I'll get to the point of not being able to see my feet...

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  1. congrats! i bet the last 4 months will fly by!!



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