Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally, decisions made

So this morning I had my 24 week check-up, which included the glucose test. Last time when we set this appointment my doctor recommended I bring someone with me, as I'd have to wait an hour between taking the drink and getting my blood drawn and so it'd be nice to have company, and also to have someone there in case I got lightheaded from not eating (couldn't eat or drink anything until after getting the final blood draw). So Zach came with me.

We sat down in her office, and she smiled and asked if "papa" had any questions, and we kinda got around to talking about the choice in hospitals. She told me that in her opinion the level of care is the same in the public hospital vs the private clinics (something I suspected to be true anyway, but it's nice t0 hear confirmation). I then asked her about her philosophies about labor and delivery-- if I go to one of the private clinics she'd be the one delivering the baby, whereas at the public hospital it would be the midwives and OBs on staff, so I figured this would be a good thing to consider when deciding. I mentioned how I'd kind of like to be able to move around if needed to help with contractions, and that I like the idea of being in a sitting or squatting position for pushing so that gravity can help out a bit. She kind of dismissed these things (being very nice about it all), seeming to not really think they'd be any benefit and that the traditional way is to be on the bed, and that's what all the hospitals do anyway (the public hospital actually has a mayan stool that allows you to be sitting while pushing the baby out). Later on we also mentioned birthing classes, and she dismissed those as unimportant as well. Both of these were red flags for me, and I decided right then and there that I'd rather go with the public hospital and that, either way, I would not feel comfortable with this doctor assisting my delivery. I wish I'd asked these questions from the beginning... although even if I'd found a fabulous doctor for this whole time I still would've had to give him/her up if I chose to go with the public hospital, so maybe it doesn't really matter. I do feel she's given me great care during the pregnancy.

So then at the end of the appointment she sits us down again and lets us know that she's possibly going to be leaving the medical group where I've been seeing her, and is giving us the option to follow her to a new location or find a different doctor. She's going to make copies of all my records so far and give them to me at my next appointment (by which time she may already be at the new location, but we don't know-- I'll have to call her the week before to find out where I'll be going to see her). Wierd as it is, this actually kind of works out-- to deliver at the public hospital I'd have to switch my care over to their midwives at some point anyway, usually around 36 weeks, and so this way I might as well start going to them a bit early and get a jump start on that. So I guess after this last appointment with her (at 28 weeks) I'll call the hospital and make an appointment to start seeing them instead.

So, yeah. Kind of a strange morning, but it all seems to work out ok, and I'm feeling more at peace with it all. I'm still nervous about what the care will be like at the public hospital, but if they're as attentive as the midwife who gave me the tour (and spent 1.5+ hrs talking to me and making sure to cover all my concerns) I'll be pretty happy.

After the appointment Zach and I went out to lunch (he was adamant on getting me some red meat, since my iron count has been a bit low the past couple check-ups). The place we picked turned out not to be too great, but it was nice to get to have lunch together. He then went off to work for the afternoon and I came home, suddenly feeling incredibly tired and drowsy waiting for my bus stop, and when I got home I crashed out for almost 2 hours. I still don't feel great, just feel tired and worn out and my nose has been stuffy off and on. And I think my belly's gone through a growth spurt in the past day or 2-- I've felt overstuffed, like when you eat way too much food, the past 2 days (which, when you think of it, it's kind of funny that I haven't felt like that the entire past 5 months... hah). So I think I'll try to rest up tonight, and see how I feel in the morning and maybe take it easy then, too.

By the way... one of my pregnancy books told me that, by now, my belly's approximately the size of a soccer ball. ; ) Perhaps slightly bigger, even, since Loki's measuring about a week ahead (and weighs 1.5lbs!).


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Yay for decisions and peace of mind!

    Tell Loki to chill out on the growth spurting. It's not helping you any.

  2. that is great!! it sounds like it all came together at the right time.



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