Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tortillas! And a hot, sleepy pregnant lady.

Today, after running some other errands in town, I went in search of Los Tacos, the shop in Carouge I'd been told sold handmade tortillas and tortilla chips. It took me a while to find it, but eventually got there and happily paid my 13.50chf for a bag of 15 tortillas and a medium-sized bag of chips. You should have seen Zach when he got home-- he was so excited. =) So for dinner he made up a batch of scrambled eggs and potatoes, I mushed up some avocado, and we ate it with our tortillas. And it was yummy. The tortillas are good, though different from what I was initially expecting-- they almost remind me of crepe-like tortillas, they're pretty thin and have a bit of a salty-sweet taste to them. But they're still pretty good. The chips are good, too, they're the thick kind which I've always liked a bit better, and I think Zach was quite happy to get to open up the jar of salsa one of his coworkers recently brought over from the US and get to eat it with the tortilla chips. The simple pleasures of life. ; )

You know how they say that pregnant women always feel hot? Today was the first day I got a sense of this. The day started out grey and very foggy, but by noon the sun had come out. I'd dressed lightly this morning, expecting this, so I wore a shirt with a tank underneath and my hoodie zip-up sweatshirt. By noon the sweatshirt was tied around my waist. By early afternoon, I was sweating as I walked up and down the Carouge streets trying to find the tortilla shop. And I was puzzled as I looked around, and saw everyone else wearing long sleeves and jackets. True, I was walking a decent bit, but wasn't everyone? So, yeah. I think it's started.

Last night I had trouble sleeping again, mostly b/c my hips kept getting sore-- I'd lay on my left side and then my left hip would start to bug me, and then switch to my right only to have the same thing happen again. Fairly annoying. Once Zach got out of bed I stole one of his pillows and stuck it under my waist and that helped a bit (relieving the pressure on my hips, I think) but when I did that again while taking a nap this afternoon I still ended up uncomfortable. *Sigh* This may be a long 4 months. I may need to do naps whenever I can, to make up for less-than-stellar night sleeping.


  1. Hello,
    Good work, tahnk you,
    good luck

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I had hip trouble when I was working in Ireland and used this. Was quite helpful maybe you could get some. They do sell Weleda here all over


  3. It may not be just you. After all, it was sunny and nearly 70 degrees today!

    I am always amazed at how warm it gets here, but people are still wearing coats and sweaters.



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