Friday, October 26, 2007

New Arrivals (and more lost luggage)

After getting delayed, missing their original flight connection to Geneva, and spending an extra few hours in airports, Hank and Susan (Zach's parents) arrived safe and sound this afternoon. Their bags. however, stayed in Paris (where they departed from). Apparently the Paris airport has a hard time parting with baggage going through, as we've had our bags stuck there twice already. Hopefully the bags will show up tomorrow... especially since they have a bunch of baby stuff I ordered from the US. ; )

So they got in, got settled, we ate a dinner of nice yummy fatty salmon (for the baby-- gotta get in those omega-3s! =P ) with rice and veggies, and now they're both off in bed sleeping. Tomorrow will probably be a low-key day, depending on what happens with the bags-- we either have to wait around for them to get delivered, or go into town so The In-Laws can buy some clothes to wear.

I'm feeling better today, I slept really well last night (yay!) and didn't get up till 11:30am or so. Unfortunately last night in the last few hours that we were up my back started hurting like crazy-- I've had this pain before that's down at the base of my spine, usually off to one side or the other and it will be kinda dull but if I step wrong with whichever leg corresponds to the side with the pain, I'll get a sharp shooting pain that lasts for a second, then goes away when I take the weight off that foot. That's been happening off and on for the past few months, Last night I had a similar pain, except it wouldn't. go. away. I found I could sit with my legs wide and kinda lean forward and that made my back feel better, but otherwise it hurt. Kind of a lot. Thankfully when I went to bed I was able to use pillows to find a comfortable position, and it stopped hurting and hasn't come back yet today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....


  1. it sounds like the pain you're experiencing is sciatica, which can be extremely painful. i'm sure you're aware it's common in pregnant women, and doing yoga tends to relieve the pain.
    dr. bee, at your service! ;)

  2. Yeah, but usually with sciatic nerve pain they say it shoots down your leg, and I don't have that (it's localized to that one spot in my back).



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