Thursday, October 18, 2007


What I was up to today:

New uses for old things- same good ole Target picture frames, new pictures.

Some people like to scrapbook on tables. Me? I like to take up as much space as humanly possible.

Pictures from last September. As in, 2006.

I broke my scrapbooking spell... and finally broke into my new supply of stuff that I got from Cristina back in August. I still have a lot more catching up to do (I want to be "up to date" by the time Loki gets here) but I'll also have to order a bunch of photos from Snapfish first, and have Zach bring them back on his next US trip. I suppose I could try to find a local shop to develop pictures at, but my guess is, in Geneva fashion, it would probably cost an arm and a leg.

Tonight Zach and I went to the house of one of his classmates from French class, she and her husband are trying to sell a bunch of baby stuff their 2 boys have outgrown. We made out with a changing pad, a baby bath chair, some hooded towels and a couple other miscellaneous items... and a baby Columbia jacket. =P Fairly successful, in the end. Their kids were pretty cute (18 months and 4 yrs). In desperate need of a quick meal, Zach and I succumbed to McDonald's (I know, I know... and my chicken mcnugget meal was 10chf!) and I still had my cup of Sprite when we got to their house, and the 18 month old was obsessed with it and wanting to take a drink. It was pretty funny, I set the cup down on the floor at one point to look at something, and I kid you not 5 seconds later he had picked up the cup and was about to make away with it-- when I'd put the cup down he'd been in the other room.

Anyway, Loki's kicking, and Zach's calling, and I think it's about bedtime... especially since I still have a bit of a sore throat. =(


  1. nice framing! i did some of that myself last week.

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Hey, if you need photos, have Spanfish send them here, and I'll send them to you. (I'd suggest Mom's, but who knows when you'd see them... wait, Jen's there now. She could take care of it... so, you have two choices.)

    I'm taking a photography class this semester, and I'm definitely asking for a digital SLR for Christmas. Or getting one at Best Buy after the fridge and printer are paid off. We're using film in class, which is cool, to a point, but way too time-consuming for me. I'm too instant-gratification for that. (And, once the semester's over, I won't have access to a free darkroom anymore.) Let me know what you find out about the cameras... I'll probably ask at my camera shop too, so I'll pass on any good info I get.

  3. there are also some online sites that do photos in Europe (i think Kodak is one of the ones that has European printing? In fact I think they had a deal where you get like 25 free prints when you sign up)

    I love the scrapbook! I totally need to do that.

  4. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Oh no mabye you were 'infected' at lunch! eek! Hope you don't get sick =)



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