Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From coffee, to market, and back to coffee again

I headed into town this morning for the new member coffee at the women's club. It went pretty well, especially the part where one of the women that stood and talked about getting settled in Geneva mentioned a Mexican store in Carouge that sells handmaid tortillas. And tortilla chips. And salsa. First thing I did once we broke for drinks and cookies was to find this woman and ask her about said magical place (ok, actually the first thing I did was grab a water and some delicious-looking brownies, but then I went looking for her), and she said she'd have to get my email and send me the info. Unfortunately we didn't get to that before I left, but she'll be at an event we're going to tomorrow so I'll have to get info from her then (or give her mine, or whatever we need to do). I told Zach about this tonight when he got home from class, and he's absolutely psyched.

I then grabbed a lunch empanada from the stand on Rue de Marche (so yum) and went on to the public hospital to talk to someone about health insurance info, which went surprisingly well even in all French (now I just have to call our insurance company again and get something called a "prise en charge" from them). I'm still not 100% decided on giving birth there, but it's definitely looking like the best option right now mainly b/c of their attitudes about the labor and birth process.

I then stopped into this little children's boutique that sells these gorgeous wooden nursery items that I browsed at before, but was too shy to actually ask prices (and they were not listed, always a dangerous sign). I was particularly drawn to one item-- you know those things that are shaped like a sawhorse that you can hang toys and stuff off and baby lays under it and plays with the toys that dangle down? You know how normally they're plastic, painted with loud colors, and play obnoxious music? Yeah, I'm kinda developing an aversion to plastic, brightly-colored, obnoxious-music-playing baby things (Michelle, our neighbor, actually has one she offered to us, and she turned it on to play music, and Zach looked at me with this utter horror in his eyes and I immediately said "It's ok we can take the batteries out."). This store had one that was made of wood, simple, and absolutely gorgeous. I actually asked the price today-- 56chf, I think it was. Pricey, I know. There's a reason most parents opt for the plastic alternative. But the wood one just looks so much better. So while we're definitely going on the simple, minimalistic side as far as most baby items and toys (the bugaboo I think will remain a wish and a dream for now), I think I can use that as an excuse to splurge on these occasional pieces that I just adore.

I then spent some time meandering around the Plainpalais flea market. It was my second time to go there-- the first time I found this adorable wooden cat ring-holder for 5chf, I think. This time, towards the end, I found these really pretty _____ that were also inexpensive that will be serving as someone's Christmas presents (what, you think I'd spoil the surprise?). It's fun to peruse some of the stuff being sold (one man's trash is another man's treasure... though some of it is just plain trash). It's also fun walking past and seeing some of the vendors playing cards on a table by their set-up, or eating hot cheese fondue from a pot, chatting with each other and their friends. I took some pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. Perhaps tomorrow.

After the making the rounds at the market I stopped by a coffee shop nearby and sipped an incredibly yummy cappuccino with caramel syrup while I read my latest library book, Prep. I have a ton of pregnancy/baby books to read still, but I've been hankering for some fun fiction and this definitely is footing the bill. I'm in book-devouring mode right now, and I'll probably finish this one in the next day or 2. I'm liking the book and the main character most of the time, though she also at times strikes me as such a teenager, with all that angst and self-consciousness, and I just want to take her and explain to her that, all these things she's so worried and anxious about? They don't matter. Really. But I guess we all go through that self-conscious 16-yr-old phase, and the only way to learn in through experience, isn't it?


  1. Hi Marcy, I stumbled across your blog when searching for expats-in-Geneva-blogs since we will be relocating there in a few months. So I happy to get a preview of the city and life there through your eyes.
    In due time I might ask for directions to those mexican groceries :-)

  2. That's so funny Marcy, amongst the many books I'm reading, Prep is one of them. Haven't picked it up in awhile though...



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