Monday, October 08, 2007

Baby Shoppin'

I did a lot of online shopping today-- it's starting to hit me that I don't have that much more time to get ready for this kid! I ordered 2 baby slings (one of these in "seasons in the sun"- 2nd row down, on the left-- and one of these in light blue-- a better pic here). The second sling I got at a discount b/c of "minor aesthetic flaws." I'm really excited about these slings, I really like the concept of "baby wearing," especially after hearing about the benefits it can provide mom and baby (makes sense, more physical contact and comfort). I sent the slings to my in-laws' house, they'll be coming out to visit at the end of the month and so should be able to bring the stuff with them (yay for saving on shipping!).

I also bought some books off, and baby bottles. I've chosen to go with glass bottles, mostly b/c of all the hooplah being raised about bisphenol-A, a chemical found in most plastic baby bottles that could cause weird hormone disruptions in babies. I plan to breastfeed anyway, and being a stay-at-home-mom I'll be doing most of my feedings straight from the boob, but we'll want to have bottles around occasionally anyway for nights out and for daddy feedings, so yeah. I figure I don't make a habit of breaking the glasses I drink out of, and we won't be letting baby hold the bottles on his own, so it should be pretty safe.

In other news, yesterday our village had a big garage sale. One long street was lined up with tables, and various neighbors were each selling their old stuff, mostly kid toys and books. In Zach's words, "even their garage sales here are adorable." =P We bought a couple French children's books (2chf each, a friggin steal considering how expensive books are here) and Michelle our neighbor gave us a few toys left over from her grandkid's sale (he'd sold everything else). We also got a new cat tree for Sierra. =) She hasn't touched it yet, but I'm sure she's just taking her time. I remember when I bought one large toy for her, back in CA, and she didn't play with it for months, and then one morning we found the thing massacred and dismantled after what appeared to be a very vigorous night of play. I deemed that toy a successful purchase. ; )

This morning started out foggy and cold, as many past ones have lately, but by noon it was sunny and fairly warm again. I can deal with the morning gloom if we get sun each afternoon. Hopefully it keeps up.


  1. That was so interesting to read that you went with the glass baby bottles. I had been thinking about how I would if I had a wee one! My two year old hasn't been using bottles so that was never an issue. I tried to make little comments about it to my sis in law who is due Nov 3rd. but she had her mine set on something else. I think it is scary what I have been reading about what the plastic gives off...GOOD CHOICE on your part!

  2. i've heard glass baby bottles are so much better!
    i love flea markets. didja take any pix?

  3. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I am thinking about checking out the Plainpalais Flea Market Wednesday, I have never had a really good look around there. You can come if you would like =)

    Those baby slings are great! and the closeness that they provide. Reminds me of the women in south africa, but the child rest around the base of their back I guess with bum support.



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