Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sightseeing & Baby Shopping

I got up early this morning to make it to the "baby talk" group at the women's club. On the bus ride into town I was wondering if I should've just stayed home, since I was feeling pretty energy-less. However I got there, and started talking with some of the moms there and ended up having a great time, so I'm glad I made it. I even stayed overtime a bit and so wound up missing my Tuesday yoga class, but oh well. I figure bonding with new local moms is pretty valuable right now (as opposed to the women in my yoga class, who are pregnant, but are all French-speaking and not much socializing happens).

I then grabbed a panini for lunch and killed some time downtown while waiting for Zach and his parents to join me for an afternoon in Geneva. We walked up to the cathedral, then around old town a bit, did a bit of shopping, and then stopped by Autour de Bébé on the way home b/c Susan insisted on taking us shopping for baby stuff... and wound up buying us a moses basket! =) It wasn't too expensive, either, which was nice. We also looked at some strollers, but I dunno... Other than one kind that was on sale for 99chf (umm.... something's gotta be wrong with it) and one or 2 models that were 400chf for the stroller and car seat (not bad, but wasn't crazy about that particular model honestly) everything else still seems to be in the 900chf and up range. And I still wonder how much we'll even use a stroller to begin with, and ... well... I don't know. Someone this morning mentioned that if you make a registry with one of the local baby stores you get a discount later when you buy stuff off it, so that might be worth doing for the discount alone. We'll see. I guess I need to be figuring all this stuff out sooner rather than later. Eeek.

So after spending all day in the city, I was pretty pooped. But we'd made plans to have dinner at the restaurant next door and Susan was still adamant about doing that, so off we went. Turns out they were about to have a huge party that night, so they opened up the back room just for us and we probably got our dinner served and over with faster than ever before, since the waitress was I think trying to get us out of the way before she got really busy with the big party (all the time being very nice and funny and sweet to Hank and Susan, whom she served the other night when they went over there by themselves while we went to Jessica's party). I have to say, buying steak in Switzerland can be a pretty iffy endeavor, as it's not always very good, but every time I've had it at this restaurant I've been pretty happy.

I think everyone's pretty much off to bed now, and I'll be joining in soon, too. I think tomorrow will be another day of rest and reading for me... today kinda wore me out.

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