Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Day

I met up with Melanie, Hillary, and their friend Sophia today for lunch in Carouge. It was quite lovely. Today started out foggy, just like the past few mornings, but by lunch I was getting blinded by the sun as we sat outside. I also discovered that these girls apparently are just as addicted to The Hills as I am... I'm not the only crazy! lol ; ) Hillary even introduced me to a great gossip blog that does these recaps of each episode. I'm in love! Afterwards we walked around a bit, and had some gelatto from this little place Melanie had found. It was yummy.

As we were walking back to our apartments/tram stops, I also spied a little restaurant across the street that had Condorito on the window... and then I realized that the restaurant was named "El Copihue" and also had a painting of the flower on another window. So I'm guessing this is a little Chilean restaurant, and we'll definitely have to go back and check it out and see what their menu looks (and tastes) like. =)

And now I'm back home, catching up on gossip and bloggings, and as I read another installment in poor Jessica's Search for Decent Housing in Geneva, I am struck by how lucky we got, and how sweet of a deal Zach's work gave us when they signed us up with the relocation agency. I knew they'd saved us a crapload of headaches, but my goodness I didn't realize just how many that might've been.


  1. I have seen the hills here in the states and I am confused? WHO ARE THEY? anyone famous?

    and yes poor Jessica

  2. A Chilean restaurant there? How neat!

    We've opened up Fashion Mash to general registration, so you no longer need a referral code to join. You've always had such a great sense of style- I'd love to see what you think of the site if you are interested.

  3. what is chilean food all about...what are typical dishes, and ingredients?



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