Sunday, October 28, 2007

Annecy, revisited

We drove out towards France this morning to show Hank and Susan the adorable little town known as Annecy. I'd been there once before, with my friend Pat and her family when she was traveling through these parts, and remembered having had a great time wandering the pedestrian alleyways and cute shops. One attraction to go today was the farmer's market that goes on on Sundays, which we'd heard was really something. Unfortunately I was not highly impressed by the market.... not b/c it didn't seem impressive, actually it was. It's just that they had it set up on this tiny alleyway and it was a bit of a clusterf@ck trying to walk through it... and this is on a cold day in late October! What must this market be like in the summer, during the "high season?" Or maybe they have it in a more open area... I dunno.

Noon was nearing by then, and we found a little crêperie in which to have lunch. I started feeling much better about our day as lunch went by-- the food was very good, and the waitress was very nice. Afterwards we walked around Annecy a bit more, sat down at another cafe later on for a coffee/soda break, and then headed down to the bord du lac to check out the water and sailboats, and had some roasted chestnuts as a snack. By then we were starting to get kinda pooped, so we headed back home and Hank is upstairs out cold. There had been talk of dining at the restaurant nextdoor, but I think instead we'll just have a quiet evening here at home.

You can click here to see more pictures from today in Annecy, and click here for pictures from last night's Halloween party.


  1. BOTH pics are totally frame-worthy! nicely done!

  2. sounds like a fun trip!
    i love the ice cream in Annecy :)

  3. Great pictures....sounds like you are having fun traveling around with the family. Love the little bump!



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