Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lazy Saturday, Fun Times with New Friends

So Hank and Susan's bags showed up this (Saturday) morning, as expected, good news for everyone. They had their clothes, and I got to have the stuff I'd ordered from the US and have been eagerly anticipating (the baby slings, some Gap maternity pants, and these two books which I'm loving so far).

Zach and I had talked about taking them to the top of the Salève to get a view of Geneva, but the day kinda lingered on as we hung out here, and then Zach and Hank went grocery shopping which would up taking 2 hours... and we now have more groceries than we know what to do with (the funny thing is, the amount they brought home was probably not that different from a fairly normal grocery run in California, it's just that we have much less food storage space and, well, it's just not as easy to store a 6-pack of bottles of orange juice). So inertia took over and we just hung out here, took a walk around the village, and then made pizzas and corn on the cob for dinner.

Jessica and Jonathan were having a Halloween party tonight, so Zach and I then got ready and headed out to that, leaving Hank and Susan to have a drink at the restaurant next-door and then have an early night. We drove over to their place and found the apartment itself by following the chatter of a happy crowd, and had a really fun evening hanging out with out Geneva friends, and getting to meet some of Jessica & Jon's old friends from Neuchâtel (which we have yet to visit, but definitely plan to do... sometime!). And, we got to witness the very exciting (if highly anticipated) engagement of our hosts. =)

As we drove home Zach told me what a great time he'd had, and how this was the first gathering we'd gone to where he'd gotten to talk to a bunch of people that he could see becoming good friends with. =) I got took a few pictures, but will wait till tomorrow to upload them. Right now, it's nearing 2am (I'm surprised we made it this late!) and we need to get to bed, and tomorrow we're supposed to get an early start on our day trip into France.

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