Friday, October 05, 2007

to bugaboo or not to bugaboo?

I met up with Monika for lunch today, a local mommy that I've gotten in touch with online and finally got to meet face-to-face today. She has 2 kids, one of which is at a Montessori school here in Geneva so we talked a bit about that, and other stuff like baby gear. She has a Bugaboo Frog stroller that she's used with both her kids, and she's been giving me the hard sell on it. And I must admit, I'm kinda falling for it... I remember randomly looking up their website one day since I'd heard the name "Bugaboo" so much, and I immediately fell in love with the amazing contraptions I saw (well, until I noticed the prices attached to them). But then I saw hers today, which is 4 yrs old and still looks practically like new. And to watch her with it... she was maneuvering that thing around one-handed, and it looked so easy and light, and turned on a dime! I was very impressed, especially since one of my biggest fears about strollers is what a pain in the ass they look like they can be half the time for the poor mom that's pushing it. And they're so compact-- the Bee is only 20" wide! How awesome is that?

I'm still not sure I'm ready to pay $500-$800 for one (and those would be US prices), though. Lindsey's lent us a bunch of her old baby stuff that Ryan's not using anymore, and I think I'm gonna see if we can use her old stroller. That, or I might ask for Mom's help in scourging for something used that's still in decent condition. Then I can not spend a ton of money, see how much I really use a stroller to begin with, and if it seems like splurging on a really nice one will be worth it, well then maybe that'll be my birthday and christmas gifts next year. ;) It certainly would get plenty of use-- we're planning on having 2 (possibly 3) kids, and it would also likely get passed on to other siblings as they have kids, so... Isn't rationalization dangerous??? =P


  1. I think your biggest investment should be in a stroller. I USE mine all of the time!
    I walk every day and then in Europe I would imagine you walk even more!
    DO IT!
    A comfortable easy to maneuver one is SOO WORTH IT and you will use it for at least three years with this baby and then there are other babies that might follow! WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I vote for the stroller. You want a good one, and if this will last through not only multiple ages/stages buit also multiple kids, go for it. Your siblings will owe you Christmas presents, too - we can take up a collection.

    (Does the Bee one also work as a car seat? Or am I reading that wrong?)

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    PS - small and manouverable are HUGE selling points. A few weekends ago we were at Grapefest, which was crawling with strollers (which makes one wonder why parents bring stroller-age children to an outdoor event that is primarily wine-tasting and craft booths, on a crowded street). I cannot begin to explain to you how annoyed I was at the massive strollers and the massive amount of room the strollers commanded in the crowded wine-tasting area and on the street/booths.

    You're in Europe, where people walk. Walk friendly. Get a reasonably-sized stroller.

  4. The bugaboo, in spite of expensive, is extremely popular here in Germany / Düsseldorf. First I thought it were buggiess rented by the Pharmacies, but then I saw the price and it couldn't be :D
    The stroller is very popular and I see it everywhere: on the streets, in the grass, in the sand, in the little pebbles next to the river :) sort of off-road stroller, pretty cool
    On the same price range as the Bugaboo, be sure to check the new Quinny Buzz
    it's becoming very poplar as well, as it added some points to the previous Zapp by providing support for newborn babies (while the zapp was a stroller more for 2 years old - fixed position etc), and being the most compact and light in the current market, maneuverable with one hand.
    I have to disagree with Criss. We're in Europe , in the part of Europe where people do walk. But a mid-sized stroller is still annoying to other people and difficult to get into public transportation with ;)

  5. don't forget also to check the specifications on the company with which you usually fly ;) some companies require specific models from maxicosy and/or römer to allow usage during flight ;)

  6. I can see that most agree with me!
    I forgot to say that I have a QUINNY AND LOVE IT!
    I do also have a tiny umbrella one (as now my baby is a toddler) and when we travel/fly it is easier to take the smaller one. But for every day MAJOR walking A GOOD BIG, comfy for you stroller is KEY!!!!
    And Criss is right...Xmas gift from the siblings! How many do you have? Lucky you!

  7. Anonymous9:51 PM

    (By "reasonably-sized" I meant "small" - so it would NOT be in the way of the other people walking; that's what I meant to imply by, "Walk friendly.")



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