Wednesday, October 24, 2007

sick & tired

When my sore throat from last week went away after a few days, I figured I was safe, that I wouldn't get sick.

Yet yesterday and today I've had the sniffles all day long, and a bit of a cough. Nothing major, but enough to warrant taking it easy so as not to risk getting worse. I guess I should check if I have a fever... probably not, but just in case since that would be the main concern pregnancy-wise.

Perhaps my big day of nesting on Monday did me in... I went to Hornbach (the local Home Depot- wannabe) and Ikea to get some different random things for the house. Unfortunately, Hornbach did not have any house numbers, which leaves me absolutely baffled... Everyone else in our village has these blue house numbers to display their address, apparently these come from the city and well we've been here for, what, 7 months now and gotten nothing so far. I noticed the recently-remodeled house across the street has their own style of house numbers, so I figured I'd just find some at one of the DIY/bricolage shops in town. Well, Jumbo had one style of very ugly numbers, MParc had ugly plastic numbers we could glue to the mailbox (I would've been ok with these, but they got vetoed by Zach) and Hornbach? Well, I found nothing there, even though it's the biggest of the 3. Locals, if you have any advice please pass it on b/c I'm at a loss...

Anyway, so yeah, Ikea, I got a bunch of pretty potted flowers which is sorta ridiculous in a way b/c I so don't have a green thumb, but they're still alive so so far so good. We also have some new curtains, more pillows for the guestroom (since I'm hoarding more of them myself at night), a big stuffed hippo for Loki, and some other random stuff. I even then came home and set most of it up right away (including potting the new plants, indoors with lots of newspaper since it was freezing cold outside, which completely freaked Sierra out).

However I left a few things undone, and I have not touched them yesterday or today, b/c I've been tired and feeling a bit sick. I did manage to go to the store also yesterday, and came home to make a lasagna recipe found online that turned out pretty well even though I tweaked a lot of stuff for convenience sake. And this morning I called around some different places in search of childbirth classes in English (wasn't very successful, but as a last resort I should be able to contact a couple midwives and have them come do individual classes here at home with us).

I spent the rest of the day in bed, reading, perplexed that Sierra did not join me since, well, we'd be able to keep each other warm. The weather has certainly turned here in Geneva, with biting cold wind and temps in the 40's (with wind chills in the 30's). It's not even November quite yet. I'm not sure I'm ready for a "real winter." I think I'll need a new, warmer coat. Maybe I can find something that will cover my belly? Or at least my butt.

Boy, this entry feels extremely disjointed. I'll blame feeling tired and groggy.


  1. ugh, i think i got the dreaded cold that is going around as well. drink lots of OJ and feel better soon!

  2. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Marcy, you may want to try Schilliger in Gland for the house numbers. They're located on the Route Suisse and their number is 022 354 4444, give them a call beforehand and ask though.



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