Thursday, October 04, 2007

Yay fish!

This is an interesting article I found today regarding pregnancy and eating fish. Basically, b/c omega-3 fatty acids are so incredibly good for baby, they recommend eating at least 12 oz of fatty fish every week. However, still worried about mercury, they also say not to eat more than 12oz of fish/week... so I guess 12oz/week it is! I know I don't get quite that much fish in, but I'm taking supplements and will definitely enjoy some good salmon as often as I can get my hands on it.

Moving on... today was a pretty chill day. The tickle in my throat and occasional stuffiness is leading me to believe that I may have a slight cold, so I had quite the lazy day today. Sierra took a nice nap with me in the early afternoon, curling up on my chest/shoulder/neck trying to get some neck scratches from me. She's such a sweet kitty sometimes. =) I tried to make some phone calls this afternoon to set up some stuff I've been putting off lately (like trying to get an antenna installed at our house so we can watch the public access TV that we're already paying for), but they all went unanswered so now I'm left waiting for email replies. We'll see how well that goes.

Tomorrow I might be meeting up with a local mommy who I met online, and possibly doing some shopping as well (or at least exploring more options for baby shopping). I have a list of other things I need to take care of in town that I'll need to get to next week (like talking to the hospital about insurance stuff, and trying out the French convo sessions at the Women's Club). I can be a bad procrastinator at times, but I've let this stuff slide long enough.

Loki must've liked the soup Zach made for dinner tonight-- he's kicking me gently, but steadily, just to the left of my belly button. =)

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