Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Great Fly Massacre

I came across this today, and found it fairly amusing. ; )

Today was a great magazine day. I was leaving to head into town for lunch and on my way out I checked the mail, and my Glamour magazine was there-- woot! Then I met up with The Girls for lunch and Hillary, who just returned from a brief stint in the US, brought me back several gossip mags-- double woot! So I now have plenty of trashy reading to do. =P Lunch went well, though there was a bit of a humorous moment when I walked up to the restaurant (or where I thought the restaurant was) to find Sophia standing there, and she says to me, "Um... I don't think this place exists." Turns out the street address we had was wrong-- luckily the place was just around the corner so easy enough to find, but it also meant that Serena, who was supposed to meet up with us, was unable to find us and since she doesn't have a cell phone I couldn't reach her. =( Oh well, she doesn't seem mad and we'll hopefully meet up again soon (there's talk of a coffee date on Friday?).

Loki was kicking up a storm this morning as I was riding the bus in, which was nice for me b/c he's been kinda quiet the past couple days. I knew I shouldn't worry, and I'd still feel him moving around from time to time, but hadn't gotten any good strong kicks in a day or 2. So, yeah, he seems to be doing quite well still. =P

Now, the less-than-cool part of my day came later on... It felt nice outside when I got home, so as I sat and played on the computer I left one of the big doors open to our yard so Sierra could play outside if she wanted. Once it started feeling chilly, I went to go close it... and noticed all these teeny tiny flies buzzing around just outside, and of course, by the inside as well. So I closed the door, was extremely grateful that I'd finally found a flyswatter a couple weeks back, and spent the next 10 minutes massacring what must've been at least 100+ little flies on our doors. I'm gonna have to windex the heck out of the glass later on to get the little fly carcasses off. =(

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