Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sushi & Fun American Treats

The in-laws rode into town on the bus with me this morning, and then, prepped with 2 city maps and a timetable of when the bus leaves to come back home, I left them to wander the streets of Geneva as I went to meet up with my weekly lunch group. Man, that sounds kinda cruel... but they wanted to go venture on their own, and I had plans and... well... ok maybe I suck as a hostess sometimes. It's weird, I do really like my in-laws and we get along well, but even though I've known their son for 10 yrs now I still don't always feel comfortable hanging out with them when he's not with us. But maybe that's not that abnormal...

Anyway, I met up with the girls for lunch at a sushi place that came highly recommended. Our group's getting bigger-- there were 9 of us today! They had to seat us at 2 separate tables. I don't think the typical tiny Geneva restaurant can handle us that well. ; ) We had a great time, I just had a salad while the others munched on sushi, and now I need to plan a time when I can take Zach to this place since everyone gave it high ratings and Zach's been missing sushi dearly. Though I guess he's about to go back to California next week, he'll surely get some there. Well, this place will definitely go on the list for future dinners out. Serena came armed with some burned DVDs for me, including BLADES OF GLORY which I have been way amped to see, ever since Zach saw it without me on one of his plan trips to/from the US... and has insisted in quoting lines from the movie ever since. I normally don't like stupid-funny movies, but I have been loving most of Will Ferrel's movies (esp Elf and Anchorman) so I'm looking forward to watching this one. =P Oh, and Mélanie lent me her copy of The Poisonwood Bible, which I started reading on the bus ride back home this afternoon. =)

After lunch I stopped by the university hospital to ask a couple of questions, neither one of which really got a satisfactory answer, but I have phone numbers to call to get more info so I guess that's progress. Then I went to the American Market to see if by any chance they might carry Jiffy corn muffin mix so I could make corn casserole sometime... and they did! So I got 3 boxes. And some candy corn for Zach. And maple and brown sugar oatmeal (which makes me very happy, especially with the colder mornings we've started having). AND a cherry coke. =P All for ridiculous prices, of course, but hey every so often you need fun treats. I was very tempted to buy the s'mores pop tarts (one of my absolute favorite at-home breakfast indulgences) but we don't have a toaster soooo.... yeah. Though I'm sure I could just make them in the oven... hmmm......

My last stop of the day was back at this little chocolate shop along Rue de Marché where earlier in the day I'd seen these adorable and incredibly yummy-looking cakes for sale. I'd been planning on making a batch of brownies that I have here at home, to celebrate Susan's birthday, but then I saw these and thought I might as well buy something since they looked soooo good. So I got this small chocolate cake that smelled delicious as it sat next to me the whole bus ride home. We shall indulge tonight. =P


  1. melanienyc10:04 AM

    I am really proud of you that the cake made it the whole bus ride home =P

    I need to go back to that market next week for more pumpkin, I really had no idea about it being in cans till I read your blog, tres convenient!

  2. Let me know what you think about the Poisonwood Bible...I really got into it, esp. the history...Soph



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