Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fun with fotos

So last night I stayed up till nearly 3am finishing my book, and then slept it till 1:30pm today. Yeah... we'll try not to let that happen again. I then spent several hours this afternoon putting together a photo book from Snapfish with pictures from our trip to Chile and Argentina earlier this year. It took a while, especially since I was already halfway done when I suddenly realized I could change the layouts of the pages, which gave me so much more freedom ,and there ya go. But I think it's gonna come out looking awesome, I'm really excited about it. =) I ordered a ton of pictures from our European travels for scrapbooking, but for the Chile trip I figured I'd go ahead and order a book since, well, it was either that or make a whole scrapbook album just for that trip since I have so many pictures, and this way was much easier. ; ) It's also fun to do something nice with these pictures, since I have so many gorgeous shots from that trip.

Got to talk to Zach again this afternoon. In past trips he's been too busy/exhausted to really talk much, but this time I've gotten to talk to him once a day or so which is really nice. We talked some more about the camera stuff, and it sounds like the stock lens really is pretty decent, except for pictures in low-light settings for which we could get a $100 (or less) lens just for that purpose and spend some more time saving up for and researching more serious (aka expensive) all-in-one lenses later on if we so choose.

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  1. Photo booking is dangerous like that! I had to do some on Lulu for samples and I got so wrapped up in changing my layouts, playing around with which went where!

    My hair looks so different I don't recognize myself in the's such fun though. I liked the Betty Paige comparison :)



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