Saturday, November 17, 2007


I spent several hours last night on the message boards over at The Nest Baby. Then today, I did a different kind of "nesting"-- I swept the floors from top to bottom with my omop (managed to at least get rid of the larger dust bunnies that have started trying to take over), re-arranged some of the things in the closet in the guestroom (aka Loki's future bedroom), and washed and put away many of his clothes.

I kinda laughed at myself a bit as I washed all his tiny baby clothes, separated by age/size. I have a gargantuan amount of 0-3 month sized clothes. Probably a good solid 2-3 weeks of outfits, which in a way is nice b/c that means laundry less often! But I also hope he doesn't outgrow them too quickly, b/c they really are adorable. Then I look at his 3-6 month clothes and he's got plenty of onesies, but only a handful of pants and sleepers. Oh well, if he's true to size that will last him through summer and should do well enough. I'm tempted to buy more clothes for him online, but at this point it's probably best to just wait and see how he does size-wise and what I end up needing...

I do adore his clothes, silly as it may sound, and I can;t wait to get to dress him in them. I will also say, between the wardrobe I'm building up for my little guy and all the girl clothes Lindsey still has in storage, my future nieces and nephews to come will be quite the well-dressed bunch and will hardly have to buy anything at all. ; )

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