Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yay for comfort foods

So this morning there was no frost on the car, but as I drove Hank and Susan to the airport at 7am I noticed more than just a couple cars on the road that had SNOW on them! Which means that not too far from here it was snowing last night (whereas here it was just rain). On the way back home I also noticed what appears to be snow on the Salève. Again, for someone who's used to nearly non-existent winters, the prospect of snow is pretty exciting. Ok, so yes I got to play with copious amounts of snow when we drove to Tahoe for the weekend, but that was a novelty far from home.

After getting back home from the airport run I caught up on this week's episode of The Hills (I know, I know, but I have few TV guilty pleasures, ok?) and then I was hit by a wave of utter exhaustion so I climbed up to bed and collapsed there, not to rise again till 1pm or so. Sierra slept on me pretty much the entire time. Actually, she's been kinda hiding out in our bedroom upstairs and not coming down hardly at all, I'm not sure why since it's actually colder up there than down here... I did accomplish some housework this afternoon, and now I'm actually cooking myself a proper dinner of chicken, a baby spinach salad, and corn casserole-- which makes me very happy. I finally found Jiffy corn muffin mix at the American Market, stocked up on 3 boxes, and now I'm making corn casserole for the first time since we've moved, and it's in the oven as we speak and I'm way too excited about it. =P For those of you not in the know, corn casserole is a ridiculously easy and incredibly yummy recipe that our family inherited from a family friend, and has become a staple at holiday dinners and potluck parties ever since-- and is always a huge hit. I think I'll have to post the recipe on facebook to continue sharing the wonders of this dish... ; )

On an entirely different note we've now gotten our first Swiss speeding ticket. For going 51kph in a 40kph zone. Right. I guess we'll be more careful from now on...

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