Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun Ikea shopping today, not-fun chores tomorrow...

I met up with Hillary and Sophia today at Ikea for Swedish meatballs and some shopping. My goal was to get a dresser for Loki's room (that will double as a changing table) and perhaps an extra lamp or 2. I came home with each of those things... and a bunch of other stuff as well. Like a wine rack (that actually holds all our wine bottles!) and a small cutting board and this gorgeous vase I've been lusting after since I first saw it at Ikea a good 3 trips ago. So yeah, probably spent too much, but that's why I don't go very often. ; )

I discovered today that apparently in Switzerland the police will do random checks of drivers for their license and registration. I discovered this when I got stopped while on the entrance ramp onto the highway while leaving Ikea. I have never gotten stopped by a cop before. Ever. I'm glad I at least had the guts to ask him why he stopped me after he'd handed my stuff back to me, and yeah it was a random check. Which I guess is not a bad idea to do, but seems like such a strange concept coming from the US. I mean, you're only supposed to get stopped when you're doing something wrong, right?

Anyway. So I got home and set up my new Ikea purchases, and then sat down at the computer to try to check up on insurance stuff. See our insurance makes us pay up-front and then they reimburse us the money, and after a few smooth repayments I'd assumed they were on top of things. Well it seems they are not, and there's a bunch of claims that have gone unprocessed, and it'll take more time than I'm prepared to give it tonight, so looks like I'll be spending a good part of tomorrow dealing with that. And calling the antenna guy that was supposed to come install one in our house about a month and a half ago but have yet to hear back from. Yes, it will be a fun day tomorrow.

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