Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm In Love

Zach came back today, and he brought with him... our fancy new toy: And I love it to death already, b/c just with playing with the automatic settings I have already taken better pictures of Sierra than I ever have with my point-and-shoot. These first 2 pics were taken with flash:
(Zach resting after his long flight, Sierra taking advantage of the warm body)
This one was taken from across the room, no flash, in such dim light that I would have never ever gotten a decent shot with my other camera:
And I just love how this one turned out. =)
It's a bit overwhelming looking at all the settings that we have to play around with, but the photos I took around the house this evening really impressed me, and I'm just so excited to get to toy around with this camera and discover what it can do... and what I can do with it.


  1. Great camera - what model is it? My partner is looking for a new digital camera - we're hoping to pick one up in Hong Kong next month.

    Suze x

  2. congratulations and GREAT CHOICE (I have the same one)......

  3. That is a great camera. Have fun taking photos.



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