Sunday, November 18, 2007


This morning I was laying in bed reading, and I started feeling Loki kicking around on my left side. Normally when I feel movements I'll put my hand where he's kicking and just feel him moving. This time I pulled up my shirt and watched my belly-- and was shocked! He was really going at it, making the whole left side of my belly jiggle and shake and move! It was pretty amazing to watch. It made me laugh out loud... which made him stop. He then started up again for a few minutes, then calmed down again.

I can't wait to show Zach when he gets back.

Which, btw, is tomorrow afternoon, woot! It shall be quite nice to have him around again. And he's bringing me lots of goodies, including our new camera! Yay for fun (expensive) new toys. =P


  1. i saw the camera yesterday, it's very cool. zach made an awesome choice!

  2. Yep, I feel bad complaining about the 5 hour time difference when you guys have something like 9?! Hope you have fun with the new camera :)

    Family liked the hair - I need to get a better picture up though because the one on blogger doesn't show the length or the blue, so Mom was still a bit surprised when she saw me :)



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