Friday, November 09, 2007

Successful Shopping, Pregnancy Musings/Update

This morning I went to the English library's annual book sale, and found several books, each for 5chf and under-- woot! I think I got 5-6 second-hand paperbacks for less than the price of one new paperback at any of the local bookstores. Although I must say, the find I'm most psyched about is a KGSR Broadcasts Vol 8 (including an anniversary "10 from Texas" bonus disc) for 3chf. What the chances of finding a limited-edition release from a radio station in Austin, Texas in the handful of cd's being sold at a bookstore in Geneva, Switzerland are, I do not know, but they can't be high.

(As a side note, when I got home I took all my books out of the paper bag I'd carried them home in, and for kick placed the bag on its side on the ground, and sure enough just now I looked over and Sierra was curled up inside the bag and batting at one of the handles. *Grin* my kitty makes me happy=P )

I'm just a few days away from entering into the THIRD TRIMESTER which seems just incredible. I have a feeling the past 6 months have spoiled me, and the harder 3 might be ahead. I'm already starting to notice changes-- more days where my whole belly area just feels uncomfortable, like things are running out of room in there (imagine that); driving is starting to become less comfortable, as my belly gets in the way, and let's not even get into how any strength in my abs seems to have vanished; If I sit for too long in one position I seem to waddle and walk funny from my legs and back being a bit stiff; and I'm forced to sit up straight a lot more often b/c, again, there's not much room to compress left so hunching over isn't much of an option. Which I guess is a good thing.

Not that I mean to be negative. It's amazing and amusing how my belly seems to stick out further every time I look at it in the mirror. I gauge its growth partially by the state of my ever-changing belly button, which is slowly getting pushed out, has become almost totally flat, and is actually now starting to poke out little by little.

I've been feeling fewer out-and-out kicks, and feeling smaller movements more. I'll be sitting here at the computer, resting one hand on the top of my bulging belly, and I'll feel this light poking out, and then the thing poking out starts kinda moving around a bit, and it sounds totally creepy but feels so cool. More and more I look down at my belly to find that it's not uniformly round, but instead has stiff bulges sticking out here or there, what I imagine to be feet or a knee or maybe a back or a head. I feel bad that Zach can't feel this, that I can't share this intimacy with him that our son and I share.

And it's interesting how, as I feel him move and shift and I think of him and what he must look like all curled up in my belly, I'm not sure I fully believe that there's actually a living being living in there, that in a few short months we'll be Mom and Dad. And our whole world will have changed, and from what I hear we won't be able to imagine how there was ever a world without him in it. I sort of remember that feeling when we got Sierra, Zach and I looking at each other and wondering how we ever lived without this adorable cat in our lives. I can't imagine how much more intense it will be when it's a child that's entered our lives.

I guess we'll find out soon enough. ; )

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