Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Out & About

Today was a busy day. I started out going to the Baby Talk group this morning, then after grabbing a panini for lunch I went to Coop City to buy some lightbulbs since we had 2 out (that's 3 bulbs that have burned out in the past month). I got energy-efficient ones, rated to last 8-15 yrs. Too bad we'll only use them for a small fraction of that time, but oh well. They're still saving us electricity, right?

At 2pm I met up with Melanie, Sophia and Hillary at the MEG for a free exposition, and afterwards we went to a little cafe for some tea and girl talk. I then managed to catch the bus in time to be back home by 5pm, so I could clean up a bit before Claudia, a woman from our village, was expected to come over around 6. I'd been given her contact info by the secretary at the women's club when I joined, saying that this woman lived in our village and wanted to do an English-French language exchange. Her number had sat on my bulletin board for a few weeks and finally yesterday I called her and she agreed to come over tonight. Zach got home just in time to meet with her, too. We talked for a while, alternating between English and French, and when she left we had a dinner date with her for 2 weeks from now. I'm also to call her anytime I need anything, or simply want someone to take a walk with and/or practice French. =) Her English, btw, it pretty flawless, but I guess she feels the need to practice still.

Then we had a yummy dinner that Zach made, with chicken and tons of veggies (very good for Loki), and we'll probably be up for not too much longer before heading off to bed. I didn't get much of a chance to use the camera today, but my schedule for tomorrow looks a bit more clear so I should get to do some of that then. ; )

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