Friday, November 23, 2007

Grumpy (but with a silver lining)

I am feeling tired and grumpy today. I think that 3rd trimester fatigue is definitely kicking in. And it's been cloudy and rainy for about 4 days straight now. And I went to the store today, again, to get some last few things for this weekend, and got home to realize that I'd still forgotten a couple things and will have to go back tomorrow. I could go today, but that would require me having the energy to go back out again. That's what I get for rushing out the door to the grocery store without taking stock of what I've got at home already, and writing out a proper list.

But I don't want to dwell on the grumpiness, so instead I'll write about last night. My friend Hillary graciously invited a few of us over to her apartment to watch some of the Thanksgiving football games since they have the Yahoo sports package thingie. This is even though she and her hubby were leaving early this morning to go to Belgium for the weekend. So Zach and I showed up around 7ish I think, and had a great time hanging out with Hillary and Ryan, and Sophia and her hubby Tyler who were also there. Being that it was Thanksgiving, and a turkey dinner was not to be had, we did the next best thing-- we ordered pizza from Domino's. And holy crap was it yummy. Hillary also had made some chocolate chip cookies that were delicious (even if they did come in a package and all she did was stick them in the oven =P). Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long enough to watch the Dallas game (it started around 10pm) but I think Zach enjoyed the football, and it was fun to hang out with new friends-- especially for Zach since he hasn't gotten to do much of that lately.

I also got to talk to Mom and Jen and Daddy a bit last night. I called Mom at 5pm here (so 10am Texas time?) expecting her to be in the kitchen working on a turkey, but instead she was at the Turkey Trot walking (with Philip and Jen running ahead) and so I got to chat with her as she walked the last mile or 2 of the race and then spent a couple minutes talking to Daddy and Jen as well. Jen was quite proud of herself for having run 5 miles. I told her to eat lots of turkey and pie for me and Nephew (her nickname for Loki). =P

Tonight then is the UT v A&M game, and I think we're gonna pay to watch it online here at home. It starts at 9pm here... meaning I think I need to go take a nap so I can stay up to watch it.

EDIT: Actually, there may be hope for the pumpkin pie yet! I just looked up some links and apparently it's relatively easy to make your own evaporated milk, using either powdered milk or letting regular milk simmer so the water content gets reduced. Hmmm....


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Domino's.

  2. Psst ... check out my post! How funnily similar our expat Thanksgiving dinners were!



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