Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just when I thought it was all settled...

So today, by random chance, while perusing the English Forums website I found out about a birthing center near Geneva. I didn't think there were any near here. After a few phone calls and some fumbled French, I now have an appointment with a mid-wife associated with them next Thursday, and know of a group tour that will be given at the center on Dec 3. I'm planning on asking the mid-wife lots of questions about how the birthing center works, what it offers, what the back-ups are in case of emergency, etc. I have my last appointment with my current OB at the end of the month, and then I'll have to decide pretty quickly whose care to continue with, either this mid-wife or the public hospital.

The initial relief and hope I felt at finding out about this new option was almost immediately replaced by new questions and worries-- Do I want to choose a birthplace that's 30 minutes from our home? Do I feel comfortable giving birth someplace outside a hospital, with its immediate access to emergency care (even though few births really need it)? Will I even like the birthing center, and the staff? What's their English like?

However, after picking the first OB I talked to and later not being satisfied with her, I feel an obligation to at least try this option on for size and find out as much as I can before making a final decision. And I must admit, the timing of this new revelation seems impeccable.


  1. melanienyc7:00 AM

    I am so happy you are able to get much more useful information on that website! It is unbelievable how hard it has been for you to find all of these things, and you had a dr. Hopefully you will get everything sortet soon =)

  2. Hi Marcy,
    Congratulations! I'm also new to Geneva and the Swiss baby girl is due in mid-January and I was very dissapointed when my OB dismissed my wishes to look into mother friendly alternatives to give birth, in particular water. Could you please pass on the details of that clinic? We're are almost sure we'll give birth at the Hospital Cantonal, but It might be just reassuring to check this alternative too. Gracias!

  3. Hi Isabel, here's the info for the birthing center:

    La Grange Rouge Birthing Centre *
    Maison de naissance La Grange Rouge
    la Grange Rouge
    1274 Grens
    Tel 022 362 0372 or 076 382 0372

    When I called the woman I spoke to only spoke French, but she was able to give me some information (like that the next tour they're giving of the center is Dec 3rd at 1pm) and then gave me the info for an English speaking midwife that works with them, whom I'll be seeing on Thursday.

    Yeah, for some reason the French side of Switzerland seems to be much more traditional while the German side is more progressive and things like water births are much more common.

  4. Thanks Marcy for replying so soon. This is very helpful and I will investigate. Good luck on Thursday. I x



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