Friday, November 30, 2007

No to Bern, Yes to the Cowboys

The past few weeks Zach's had a possible business trip to China hanging over his head. This trip would take place the week before Christmas (or so was the original plan). It's unfortunate b/c normally Zach would be excited to goto China, but we'd already thought he was done traveling for a few months. So last week it looked like this trip was a nearly sure thing for him, so we'd planned to take today and go to Bern so he could file for his visa at the embassy there.

Except, as tends to happen with these install trips, the machines he'd be working with apparently might not be getting there in time, meaning the trip would get pushed back, meaning Zach wouldn't be able to do it after all. Because, well, my dad and sister will be here till Jan 8 or so, and after that I'll be about full-term and there's no way in hell I'm letting Zach travel halfway around the world while there's a decent chance of this baby coming while he's away.

So, no Bern trip today. There's still a chance, it seems, that he might still go, during the scheduled time, in which case he can mail in the stuff to the embassy in the US and apparently it'd be faster than doing it here anyway (hah, figures). So, we'll see.

My back-up plan for today was to go into town to run a couple errands, one of them being going to an Orange store b/c I recently realized that the voicemail on my cell phone seems to not be working. But instead I stayed home, finished reading My Sister's Keeper (um, holy cow!) and started my Switzerland scrapbook. I'm not terribly happy with the first few pages I made today, they're pretty simplistic and not very inspired, but at least it's started.

Then Zach emailed me about trying to watch the recent Cowboys game, and so we basically invited ourselves over to Ryan and Hillary's place again for the night and that's where we're off to in a few minutes. =P

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