Monday, November 12, 2007

baking attempts

I made sugar cookies today. I don't bake very often, so this was kind of a feat for me. I think the inspiration came partially from this feeling of the approaching holidays and wanting to prepare for them. One of the markers of the holiday season is my mom's seemingly endless batches of cookies. These, did not turn out nearly as good as hers. I realized as I was making them that I might just have to ask her to do lots of baking as part of her grandmotherly duties when she's here in February. ; )

Loki's been quite active the past couple days. He seems to be trying to teach me better posture by kicking me in the ribs when I slouch. I'm still waiting for him to kick Sierra when she happens to be sleeping on my lap/belly.

Hank and Susan came back from Germany tonight, I just got back from picking them up at the airport. They'll be here tomorrow, then Wednesday morning they fly back to the states. They seem ready to go back home. Susan was complaining about all the Germans in Munich being very grumpy people. Hank, on the other hand, seemed practically giddy over the tech exhibit they saw and all the neat gadgets there. Loki's so gonna be a science geek, too, I just know it. You can;t fight genetics. =P

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