Friday, November 16, 2007

Would it be wierd if I just wore my ski jacket as a winter coat?

After freezing my buns off yet again today while out and about in town, I decided to check what temperature it has been and sure enough I got proof that I'm not just bing a wimp-- today's temps were hovering right around freezing, with a "feels like" rating in the mid-20's (degrees F). That's COLD. I also read on another Swiss blog that apparently this is the snowiest start to a Swiss winter in 55 yrs. I checked's 10-day forecast and it should get a bit warmer next week, at least get above freezing... which might actually be disappointing for Zach since he'll want it to stay nice and cold for a good, early ski season. ; )

Zach mentioned recently that some of his co-workers have been asking if we're registered anywhere for baby stuff, and that it might be good to make a "liste de naissance" at a local store. So I went out to Autour de Bebe (the one decent-sized baby store in town) to do just that this afternoon. Now, registering in most stores in the US has become a pretty high-tech procedure-- you get to go around the store pointing a nifty scan gun to whatever items you want, or you can even start and build your entire registry online if you want. Pretty simple and easy.

I walked into the store today and told them I wanted to start a registry. The lady behind the counter hands me a plain piece of paper (taken from the printer tray) and tells me to write down certain info on the price sticker of whatever items I want. That's it. When I was done I handed her the paper along with my info, and she said "Ok, I'll write it up next week." And basically the way it works is she hand-writes what I wrote down on the paper, onto a special form that she then hands to anyone who wants to buy anything off our list. Honestly, I have no idea how people will be able to find specific items in the store, listed only by their serial number and a vague name. They seem to have an online registry set-up available... just not yet for Geneva. I also feel bad b/c I kept finding myself adding things to the list that were pretty pricey... b/c there just isn't much available that's less than 100chf in baby world, apparently. Oh well. I'm not really planning on people buying much stuff for us anyway, and we get a 10% discount on leftover items at the end so it works out either way. I figure we'll probably just go back in January of early February and buy up the things on the list that we still really want to have, and getting the discount will be worth it.

Thanksgiving is suddenly nearly upon us, and I'm wondering what we'll do to celebrate. I've got half a mind to invite a bunch of people over for a Thanksgiving pot-luck dinner (so what if I've never cooked a turkey before???), but I gotta get the hubby's ok first. ; )

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