Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things That Become a Challenge When Your Belly Grows to Astronomical Proportions

1. Getting dressed. Little things like, say, putting on pants, socks, and even tying your shoes become just a bit harder to do when you have a big belly in the way.

2. Grabbing those last items out of the grocery cart
. Especially when the aisle at the check-out counter is too narrow for you to try to go around the cart to grab things on the far side. Instead you have to go up on your tiptoes, slug your belly over the edge of the cart, and lean waaay over to grab that last bottle of milk that's stuck way in the far corner of the cart.

3. Slouching
. When you've got baby part stuck up into your ribs, you want to do everything possible to give your ribcage as much space as you can.

4. Using your ab muscles
. Which are practically nonexistent at this point. It was weeks ago that Zach and I were driving, me in the passenger seat, and I realized that in order to lean forward to, say, change the radio channel I had to grab onto the door handle and pull myself up with my arm. Such a small motion that you take for granted, until you can't quite make it anymore.

5. Picking things up off the floor
. You can't really bend over at the waist, since your belly soon hits your thighs and well there's nowhere else to go. So you have to keep your upper body straight and squat down with your legs, which I guess is technically the "proper" way to pick up stuff so I guess that's a good thing?

6. Washing dishes
. Normally I lean my body right up against the counter when washing dishes. Except now my growing uterus is in the way, so I have to stand back a bit, which means I have to lean my upper body forward to still reach the sink well, and that just gets awkward after a few minutes.

Just, you know, a few things I've noticed recently that are a bit more difficult to do than they were, say, 6 months ago.


  1. I am loving watching you grow =) and am in awe of the changes, can't imagine.

  2. ooo I never thought of using the belly as an excuse NOT to do dishes! Haa good one!
    I did use HOLDING my 10 day old Niece as an excuse from doing DISHES during Thanksgiving!

  3. Yea maybe you will have to say you can't reach the dished anymore ;)



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