Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Nothing exciting to report today. I dealt with the insurance stuff, or as much as I can for the moment-- I made an excel spreadsheet with all the info and more numbers are adding up than I previously thought, although there's still 2 claims that I sent in that they've done nothing about, and 2 others that got approved and everything and they say they sent wire transfers but according to MS Money those never showed up. Hm. So I'll have Zach check the bank account just in case, I guess, and then call back if I need to. Fun stuff, eh? ; ) I'm glad I'm getting more organized about this now, though, hopefully things will be more in check by Loki's arrival, when I'll have less time and patience to deal with it all.

I also organized some stuff around the house, and took out a bunch of recycling that's been cluttering up one of our closets.

And now I'm feeling Loki move around in my belly, and honestly it sorta feels like he's kneading on the skin around my belly button. Feels weird. hah

Zach has his French class tonight so won't be home for another couple hours yet. I might go curl up with a book until then...

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