Thursday, October 02, 2008

With Big! Pointy! Teeth!!!

Not feeling inspired to write much of substance tonight, so instead I'll post pictures that I know all of you will appreciate:

Those cheeks, they're delectable.

new stroller/ day239
The other day we went on a walk in his new stroller and the sun was kinda in his face, so I tilted the sunshade forward which worked well but then the backflap wouldn't stay in place so I just pushed it forward leaving the space right above his head open, and then D realized that he could twist his head and look up at me instead of sleeping, and that's what he did the entire rest of the walk.

Oh, and one little bit of D news-- his 2nd tooth is breaking through. Zach mentioned that he thought he could see it last night while attempting to feed D his cereal (I say "attempt" b/c the kiddo has barely take 3 collective bites of solid food the entire past week), and then this morning I could definitely feel part of it sticking out. And it's just as razor-sharp as the first one...


  1. That's great that you can tilt the bonnet on your stroller. Too often I see little ones with the sun in their face, squinting and no one paying attention to this.

    Sorry you're having difficult times with your son not eating solids well. Have you tried some "fun" things to peak is interest like Cheerios that he can pick up himself?

  2. Jackie9:22 AM It looks like you made a good choice with the stroller.

    Like tryingtobegreener, I was going to suggest trying some finger food to see if Donovan prefers feeding himself.

  3. I love our Maclaren Quest. I use the extendable footrest all the time. She gets to curl up in it, and the recline feature is wicked awesome. i hate seeing kids who fall asleep in thei stroller with their necks all wonked out of place.



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