Monday, October 27, 2008


Today started out great-- went to get tires replaced on the CR-V but was told that they actually have another 8,000-10,000miles left in them (woot!), then I found a printer for half-price (after mail-in rebate) at Fry's, and in the early afternoon Julia, Sophia, and Julia's adorable and very sweet mom-in-law Betsy stopped by for a little visit.

And then came the late afternoon, during which D started this thing of randomly getting really upset, as if in pain, and I have no idea what was wrong. I'd be able to distract him some of the time, and other times there wasn't much to do, and he was just acting tired and cranky and generally unhappy. Maybe teething pain, maybe tummy issues, I don't know. We spent some time hanging out in the front yard looking at leaves and tree trunks and that helped a bit. I ended up giving him a bit of baby motrin at bedtime, if he is in pain over something then hopefully that will help take the edge off.

I'm finding yet another reason to try to keep up adding a picture to each blog post-- looking through adorable photos of D helps me forget a difficult day with him.

BTW my step-sister just opened up an etsy shop at She has some very cute crocheted items for sale. =)

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  1. hang in there! he does look adorable. and has quite the equilibration. hehehe



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