Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look who's hair's long enough to be mohawked

I am pleased to report that we made a lot of progress today. There's still much, much to be done, but the place looks SO much better and we're on our way to being organized. We're staying at the temporary apartment one last night tonight, then tomorrow we'll finish up and fully move in to our house.

Karen and Benjamin came over for a bit this afternoon. They told us about their recent trip to New Zealand and Australia, and also helped watch D for us while Zach and I worked on the chaos. D has yet to show any signs of stranger anxiety and was happy to play with them. I don't know how much longer this easy-going-ness with strangers will last, but I'm crossing my fingers perhaps we'll skip that anxiety stage. Of course now that I've typed that he'll probably hate everyone but me starting tomorrow.

Zach was able to run off to Fry's to buy a modem and terabyte back-up hard drive for us (we need it, too-- just yesterday I was uploading photos and we once again ran out of space). Karen mentioned she has a friend who's trying to sell a washer and dryer, so perhaps that will work out for us. We also still need to buy a vacuum cleaner and all sorts of odds and ends. I'm glad we signed a 2 year lease... I am not looking forward to ever having to move again.

(I know the picture has nothing to do with today's post, but it's a cute picture of Donovan and who doesn't need that?)


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    With his hair sticking up like that, he looks like a Troll!

    What's he doing to poor Sophie, though?!?


  2. hey marcy - don't forget to look at craigslist and the buy sell ads from the area. I'm sure there are great sales all the time too, but I've found a few good gadgets this way. And FRY's... I love that place!



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