Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't let movers unpack your stuff

So our shipment arrived today. To our house. Awesomeness. We'll ignore the fact that we didn't even have confirmation of whether it was going to be delivered or not today until this morning. Hey, at least it didn't get held up at customs for weeks, right?

The movers were nice enough, Zach got to practice his Spanish with them. They carefully counted off each box and waited for us to confirm which room to put them in. Zach and I had gone back and forth on whether we should let them unpack the boxes, or do it ourselves. We naively thought that by "unpacking" the movers would actually put things in somewhat coherent places, and figured the worst case was we'd just re-arrange a few things when we had time.

Hah. I left to go buy a few things at Target, came back an hour later, and it was as if all our boxes threw up all over the house. There were huge piles of crap everywhere, with no order at all. After all that time spent figuring out which boxes went in which rooms, we still wound up with big piles of my clothes in D's room, kitchen stuff on our bed, my jewelry in the bathroom, etc. It wouldn't be that big a deal, except we have a baby that's constantly on the go and exploring everything, and thus having, say, a bunch of picture frames on the floor, well it doesn't make for the most "baby friendly" environment. Which means that we'll be spending the entire weekend making sense of the chaos so that we can actually move in by Monday. It's kinda worse than just leaving everything in boxes, as at least then we'd be able to go at our own pace rather than have to do it all RIGHT NOW. Some parts of it will go quickly-- drawers were left empty for the most part, so putting things away in them should be quick and easy, satisfying. However our closets are packed with random crap in huge piles, which may take a bit more effort to sort through before being able to put the proper things in those closets.

I know I shouldn't be complaining. All of our stuff arrived, all in one piece (as far as we can tell). In a way this is good, as it does force us to sort everything out right away-- we can't procrastinate. I'm sure we'll still end up with boxes of miscellaneous crap in the garage, but that's nearly unavoidable when moving.

I am looking forward to being a bit more settled in the new place. As the movers were bringing in boxes and D was playing on the floor, and I looked around at this house that would be our home for the next 2 years, I got a really good feeling. It's not perfect, and there's already a decent list of things to tell the lanlord about that need to get fixed. But it's cute, it's bright, it's got a nice big living room, and it has a good feel to it. I think we're gonna like living there.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM


    Does the new house have room for guests?


  2. Ah yes, Unpack Service means just that. It does not mean "Put-Away Service."

    But at least they took away all the boxes and packing material, right?

  3. Oh no! I am nervous about this, this is not good at all! I am glad you got your stuff though, how exciting!

  4. looking forward to seeing the new place!

  5. Oh, that's terrible about the movers. I never had that experience, though we were thoroughly warned both times that we had to be there to direct and supervise or else they might try something like that! In our case, they only unloaded things onto countertops (not say, the pantry) but they unloaded as I put things in the proper place, then took the debris with them. For me, the most helpful thing was getting rid of all the boxes and packing material but kitchen things were definitely put in the kitchen, bedroom stuff in the bedroom, etc. If I were you, I would file a complaint with the moving company!



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