Saturday, October 04, 2008

Flower Child and a Birthday Boy

The other day I decided to let D play with a gerbera daisy... and then snapped away with the camera.

flower childflower childflower child

flower child

I think I may need to set up mini-photo shoots like this more often, as I personally think these came out really adorable. =P I'm also wondering about maybe trying a naked-baby photo session. Everyone needs one of those, right?

Jen came down this morning to hang out with us for the weekend (or at least part of it). We all went for a short walk and coffee shop outing together this morning, then spent the afternoon with friends celebrating Cyrus's birthday. D got to spend more time with his new buddies Sophia and Audrey, as well as meeting one adorable rolly-polly of a baby who's 5 months younger yet weighs as much as D does. Oh, and us grown-ups also had fun playing and chatting together. Fun times for everyone. =)

1 comment:

  1. Better be careful with the naked baby pictures - California has some weird reactions to those.

    Stupid to have to worry about recording the adorable child in the buff, but that's where our society is - Boo!



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