Monday, October 20, 2008

Settling In

The internet guy came right at 10am this morning, got everything set up. D and I then went to Target and picked up a crapload of incidental essentials for the house. Pretty incredible how much stuff you need when setting up a new household. There's still more things we need, but there's only so much you can fit into a Target shopping cart at a time.

In the afternoon we walked over to a shopping center that's less than a 20 minute walk away-- holds a Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panera, and some other stores. This might not be a good thing. ; ) But it's certainly convenient to be able to just walk over with the stroller and pick up small things.

It all of a sudden feels like fall, mainly because last night for the first time it actually felt cold. We've got a blanket along with our comforter on the bed, and today I bought a space heater to help heat our and D's rooms at night. I worry about him getting cold, so he's wearing a onesie, footed pyjama, sleep sack, and is also covered by a small fleece blanket. I will say one nice thing about waking frequently at night to feed him, is it gives me a chance to check him and his room throughout the night to make sure he's not too cold or warm.

I know this is a pretty boring post, so I'll attempt to make up for it by posting a picture of D from a park outing last week. This is his "That baby's not trying to out-cute me, is he?!?" look.


  1. Nice to hear you're close enough to walk to stores.

  2. Did you hear about Linens and Things? So sad! That park pic is sooo adorable! It really makes me want to go and visit! :)



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