Tuesday, October 14, 2008


at the park
From our outing at the park last week.

D and I had a good day of shopping at the mall today. We returned some things, bought some things, stopped at Wahoo's to have lunch and man he must like that place b/c it's the 2nd time we've gone there and he's sat in his stroller completely content while I ate my lunch, which hardly ever happens. I did also cut up teeny tiny pieces of my chicken and let him gum them, he seemed to like that. It's fun to be getting to the point where I can share some of my food with him, though I'm also worried about him choking since he doesn't have many teeth to properly chew with. Though he seems to be working on that...

It seems every time I sit down to bog my mind goes blank, and all the stuff I'd wanted to write about is forgotten. So I'll just leave this short post for today.

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  1. Yeah, me too. The thoughts go in one side and out the other, never stopping to be committed to cyberspace.



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