Monday, October 06, 2008

the look of mischief


Donovan and Sierra keep playing this little "game" lately. It consists of Sierra sitting down on the couch, Donovan spotting her, scooting himself all the way over to the edge of the couch, trying to pull himself up so he can see her better but being unable to do so because he has nothing to grip onto, and then he gets all frustrated and upset. It's much fun for all, let me tell you...

D has yet to pull himself up to a sitting up position from being on the ground, even though he can sit really well. He seems to be pretty strong and so I have no doubt he can do it, just has no interest-- if he's horizontal on the ground he'd much rather be scooting on his belly than sitting. I mean, you can't chase after the cat while sitting, right? I also think he's strong enough to pull himself up to standing, but we don't have anything he can grab onto to practice. But he does "push ups" all the time where he pushes up on his hands and tiptoes, and earlier today I had him hold onto my hands and he pulled himself up to standing using me as support. Pretty cool stuff. =)

I think he is also reaching that phase where he's frustrated by wanting to do things he can't quite do yet. At least that's what I gather by him getting upset while playing and scooting, but then if I pick him up and try to hold him he immediately starts trying to wiggle out of my grasp and start going after the remote control, the cat, that super interesting electrical outlet, etc... His latest fascination is doors. He scoots right up to an open door and starts pushing it forward and back.

Ok, need to get to bed. We (D and I) have a big day of attempting to go to Ikea tomorrow. Wish us luck!


  1. Great photo! Have fun at Ikea!

  2. By the way, Ikea has some great BPA products. Safe Mama just listed dishware that is BPA free, etc. You may want to stock up for D with some items while you're there. Here's the link:

  3. He looks so cute! I hope you guys are settling well :)



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