Thursday, October 09, 2008

baby booty

outside time
I like this idea of posting a Donovan picture with the daily post, and I've got enough new photos of flickr at the moment so I'll try to keep it up, if only for a few days/week(s). I took this picture the other day, figuring we could use some outdoor time after being in the apartment most of the day. There's some nicer grassy areas in the complex but the grass there was all wet, so we settled for a spot by the parking lot (hence the car in the background). Not ideal, but it was something, and it worked.

D and I went to a local library for story time this morning. We arrived a bit late, but still got to sit in for a good 15-20 minutes of it. I hadn't been sure of what to expect at these baby story hours, there's more singing and fingerplays, etc, than actual story-telling but that's for the best with this age group, probably, and it'll be a great way for me to learn more of these kiddie songs and rhymes to add to our repertoire. This library has a nice park attached to it, with a pond and lots of canadian geese and ducks and pigeons milling around, and D seemed thoroughly interested by all the birds. It was really cute, actually. So even though he was overdue for a nap by a good hour or 2, he happily sat on a blanket on the grass watching the birds nearby. Which apparently really tuckered him out-- he fell asleep in the car on the way back home, by the time we got here I figured he'd probably only sleep another 10 minutes or so so I grabbed my library book (can I tell you how incredibly giddy I am to be checking books out of the library again? I have missed it so!) and sat reading while I waited for him to wake up (I really hate waking a sleeping baby). Turns out instead of his usual 30-ish minutes, he slept for a good 1.5 hours. Woot! He was still kinda crabby the rest of the afternoon, though I wonder if that might be more teething. Call me crazy, but I swear I see something that might be coming in on his top gums, on a spot that's looked slightly swollen for a week or 2, and he was chewing very intently on EVERYTHING today. So, um, we'll see.

While making out a list of the foods D has eaten I realized I haven't been the most adventurous in what I've been introducing him to. To be fair he spent the past week hardly touching anything I offered (the past 2 days his appetite seems to have picked up a bit again-- at least hes been opening his mouth wide enough for me not to have to force the spoon in). So this weekend I'm hoping to pick up some new foods and prepare some stuff for him to try over the next week or 2. Other projects I've got in mind: getting into the habit of using a few ASL signs with him consistently. Also today I draped a white sheet over the couch and floor and took a few (hundred) pictures of D in all his naked-baby glory (and some in his diaper). So hopefully I can pawn the kid off on Zach some this weekend and properly try to have some fun with the shots. I must say, due to cold weather and a cool house when he was younger, and the difficulties of un/dressing him (oh, and that whole "worried about him peeing or pooping on stuff" bit), I haven't spent much time letting D just go around naked, but my goodness is he ever so cute in the buff. Those of you with babies out there, try to enjoy some naked baby time while you're still allowed to. Those baby tushies are just too cute for words. BTW D totally mooned his dad tonight right before his bath. It was D's idea, I swear. ; )


  1. Love that expression! He is very photogenic!

  2. I've been meaning to go to story time but I'm not sure if my daughter will cooperate through it and sit on my lap the whole time. I may need to stand and walk around a bit with her.

  3. Ok - that photo I love! He's thinking or wondering but I am so addicted, I just want to continue looking at your photos. :)



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